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CEO that presided over mining disaster gets golden parachute

The news can be maddening: Critics Say W. Va. Coal Boss Will Get ‘Egregious’ Golden Parachute.

While all the facts are not known, this smells of adherence to the bottom-line of dollars over workers safety. If that was the focus, that is truly unfortunate and borderline despicable. The workers form the backbone of the compay’s profitablility.

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Fighting for Workers on Labor Day

A message from U.S. Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis, in advance of Labor Day: Fighting for Workers This Labor Day . I echo Secretary Solis in the need to focus on the needs and concerns of everyday working Americans. In our own small way at Domer Law, we advocate for the rights of workers each and every day of our practice.

We certainly honor and remain grateful for all those who strive in our country’s ever-changing job market on this upcoming Labor Day.